About Dowayo

Dowayo Foresight is a dynamic studio concerned with understanding human relations, creating scenarios for future relationships.

We are specialists in hands-on service design and strategic foresighting. Our research is centered on real users on-site, creating innovative services from a human-centered perspective.

We provide a high-value approach to future consumer ecosystems, the sites and settings where our clients will want to make a difference in the near future. Our job is to help organizations move forward, creating products, experiences and services for the customers of tomorrow.

Dowayo does its studies and conducts research up close, through cohabitation. Our goal is to get as near as possible to people and their habits, paying special attention to the ordinary, everyday things they do and how customs affect consumer choices. Provocatively challenging established views, we perform deep insight research as a way of creating roadmaps for future ecospheres, devising new scenarios for human habits.

Dowayo works with enterprises and organizations in seeking to meet their clients’ needs, developing innovative products and services from the perspective of users and consumers.

The studio is named after the Dowayo people portrayed in Nigel Barley’s first book, The Innocent Anthropologist. Barley’s account marks the beginning of a critical approach to ethnography and observation. The name is our way of having a laugh at our own overly-rooted beliefs, which we’ll have to tear down if we want to understand how other people work creatively.

Dowayo works with enterprises and organizations in seeking to meet their clients’ needs, developing innovative products and services from the perspective of users and consumers.

Dowayo consists of a team of creative designers, psychologists, researchers and engineers.

How we work

Strategic roadmapping

We foresee services of the near future. Services that better address your clients’ needs by understanding what motivates them, where broader ecosystems are kept front and center.

Foresighting involves living with your clients, acquiring first-hand insight into their future needs. That’s how we offer you compelling solutions for the future.

An innovative, proactive culture

Change is never-ending, you can’t pin it down. That’s why creating an active and adaptable company culture, responsive to transformation, is so important. It’s not about coming up with the one definitive solution, but a way to engage change all along the way.

Iterative development is a must

Creating new products and services means a step-by-step, customer-centered approach. To improve you need to change, responding to the complexity of every given moment. Analyzing what’s going on, seeing all the parts clearly, knowing which move to make next.

Our Clients

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